Social Responsibility

Hardline Contracting recognizes the importance and is committed to maintaining a safe and presentable jobsite for our customers, general public, and the local communities we serve that rely on us to ensure their safety as we work on the utilities in their area.

The use of horizontal directional drilling/boring (HDD) allows utility providers, contractors, and homeowners an alternative to conventional open cut / trench utility installation (having to dig a trench with a backhoe). HDD is a steerable trenchless method that is utilized to install underground pipes, conduit, and cables along a designed bore path beneath various types of obstacles.  HDD minimizes restoration and is especially useful when it comes to working in busy urban areas, front yards, or on difficult terrain like riverbeds and golf courses as well as helping to eliminate traffic interruptions and pedestrian hazards.

Hardline Contracting is committed to being a good corporate citizen, doing our part for the environment, and to keeping the public safe from our activities.  We are committed to doing everything we can to be a good neighbor when working in the communities we serve and on behalf our customers.