Hardline Contracting, A Partner you can Trust with your underground Plumbing installation needs

     In an industry that seems to continue and widely utilize traditional open trench methods to install their underground Water Lines and infrastructure, Hardline has been a Valuable Resource to contractors and individuals in Boring under Driveways, Roads, Parking Lots, and other surface obstructions where Unsightly and Many times more Costly Saw Cut and Repair work is not an acceptable option.  Boring under rather than Cutting Through is your Best Option to Preserve the Natural / Original look by minimizing the need to disturb the existing surface area and in most cases is a Faster and more Cost Effective approach.  Many times the total cost including lost time, labor, and materials utilized to saw cut and remove and restore the surface area is underestimated or overlooked leaving the contractor or homeowner to believe Boring is the more expensive option.  Boring prices can start out at $1,000.00 and change based on accessibility, length, depth, size of pipe, number of pipes, soil conditions, and number of existing utilities in the area.  Having this information available will help speed up the process in getting you a quick quote for your project.  Hardline recognizes that Partnering with a contractor you can Trust to meet your deadlines, provide the Highest Quality of service, and ensure a Seamless extension of your Business and Values is Vital to our Success and Long Term Sustainability.  Hardline Contracting has built a Team of Dedicated and Highly Skilled individuals with Extensive Knowledge and Experience in the Installation and repair of underground utilities with more than 75 years of combined experience.  Our company is Fully Insured, has the ability to Bond based on your project requirements, focuses on Safety First, and is DOT compliant.  We have Teams ready to meet your project's specifications in various geographic locations such as City / Urban environments to the less congested Rural areas.  Having our St. Louis City and County Low Voltage Licenses allows us the opportunity to meet your needs in the City and County as well as the multiple other areas throughout Missouri we are Licensed to do work in.  Give us a call today or reach out by email by Clicking Here and take the next step in Partnering with Hardline on your next project!